September 14, 2009

Our Story: My Story

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Subject: My Story
Message: My name is Lindsay Bombard and I’m the mother of Jared (6) and Nicholas (4). I moved to Vermont from New York City when I was 17. When I first arrived at the Lund Family Center, I was very stubborn and didn’t realize how much I would have to change my life and attitude if I was going to be a good mom. It was very hard to move into a place with several other women and children. Being that young and pregnant, I had no knowledge of how hard it was to raise a child. The Lund Family Center is a very structured program. At first I didn’t like this but I needed structure and stability in my life. The Lund Home provided me with a highschool education which led me to an associates degree in paralegal studies from Burlington College. They gave me the life skills that I needed to take responsibility for myself and my child. When I went into labor I had the two best birth coaches who were their for me every step of the way. Now, I have two beautiful children, married and work in the Burlington area. I have always considered the staff at the Lund Family Center my Vermont family. I wouldn’t be the parent and person I am today if it wasn’t for them. Thank you to the Lund Family Center for everything you have done for me!!!! Name: Lindsay Bombard

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  1. Kitty Bartlett said,


    Thanks so much for posting- we really appreciate it!


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