March 26, 2010

Our Story: Adoption

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Subject: Adoption
Message: Hello- My name is Robert Wichers and I was adopted by Helen and Tom Wichers of Danbury, CT. I was born Sept 6, 1961 and was adopted in October 1961. In 1987, I reached out to the Elizabeth Lund home and I told them I was interested in finding out information about my birth mother. They told me that my birth mother sent a letter requesting to meet me if I ever inquired. The Elizabeth Lund Home told me if I sent a letter to the home requesting to meet my birth mother…they would then send her a letter to my birth mother letting her know I wanted to meet her. They would give her the name of an agency to register with that helps children connect with their birth mothers. Once the home sent the letter to her and she responded back to saying she would like to meet me..the Elizabeth lund home gave me the name of the name of the agency to register also. Once I registered with the agency they made the arrangements for the two of us to talk on the phone. I meet my birth mother and her famiy and have been friends with them since 1987 to present. My birth mother is Mickey Madison and lives in Burlington, VT.

It was truly a success story to share.

Name: Robert C. Wichers

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