June 2, 2010

In Search of a Forever Family

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Finding Homes for Children in Foster Care up to 18 Years Old
More than 250 Children Placed in Permanent Homes Since 2000

Nikki, 12 years old                                                          

My Favorite Things:
Country music, video games, movies, cats, other animals

 Activities I Enjoy: Most things outdoors.  Riding bikes, 4-wheelers. Listening to music, swimming.  Playing with younger children.  Watching movies, playing video games.

Things I Don’t Like: Having to do school work.  Nikki does not like sharing attention with younger children in her family. She has a hard time if a younger child is better than her in certain activities such as gaming.

 What Nikki wants Families to Know about Her: She is cheerful and helpful.  She likes to cook. She would like to be in a home without other children, although an older sister (by a few years) would be okay. She loves to spend time with just her family more than being in large family get-togethers.  She likes to have things to do and stay active.

 For more information about Nikki call Heather Simmons at 802-864-7467 or for information on other children awaiting forever homes, please contact Laurie Rapp at 802-524-6387.  Also visit projectfamilyvt.org for more information.

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