June 2, 2010

Spotlight on Pizzagalli Construction

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Pizzagalli Construction, an underwriting sponsor of Lund Family Center’s 120th Anniversary year, has more than a 20-year track record as an active, engaged partner of Lund.  What began with the Pizzagalli family’s commitment to community service continues in Pizzagalli’s employee-owned business structure today. 

 In the 1980’s before Lund had fundraising software and a computer network, Pizzagalli hosted Lund’s database on the company’s mainframe.  Each year, Pizzagalli hosts Lund’s annual three-night phonathon in its conference room extending their call center, complimentary long distance services, and  mailroom.  Pizzagalli donates office furniture, supplies and even a helium tank for LFC’s annual adoption picnic and Mother’s Day Bike Ride.

 Pizzagalli employees volunteer as a group by building, performing maintenance activities and launching landscaping projects for Lund.  Individual employees including Nicole LaBrecque and Erica Croker, serve critical roles on fundraising committees.  Nicole’s strategic vision has helped build Lund’s individual and institutional donor campaigns to support Lund’s services for children and families.  Erica offers her expertise to plan and implement multiple aspects of Lund’s 120th anniversary celebration in 2010. 

 These are illustrations of how Pizzagalli Construction goes beyond a traditional partnership model to make an even bigger impact by leveraging all available resources.  Pizzagalli partners in this manner with organizations across Vermont including Make A Wish Foundation, Forever Young Treehouses, Habitat for Humanity, Fletcher Allen Healthcare, United Way and Resource VT.  Company policies and practices encourage and support employee engagement in the community to volunteer throughout Vermont with organizations that matter to them. We are grateful and fortunate to have such a committed, socially responsible business engaged in our work to strengthen children and families.  Thank you Pizzagalli Construction!

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