June 29, 2010

2010 Early Childhood Professional of the Year

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Judy Harvey at the LUNDapalooza Event in 2009

Judy Harvey, Director of Lund’s Early Childhood Program was awarded the 2010 Early Childhood Professional of the Year Award by the Building Bright Futures Council of Chittenden County. The award is given annually to two professionals who provide daily care and education to children and their families.  Awardees are dedicated to education and enhancing its affordability and accessibility.

Judy Harvey began service as Lund Early Childhood Program Director in 2005. She came to Lund with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development from UVM.  She has worked in the field for 15 years.  While directing Lund’s program, Judy moved the Center into a new facility which she designed:  She has retained highly-skilled teachers and recruited talented new early childhood professional and she has also maintained a high quality, 5 STARS-rated program; while working with funders to grow program offerings.  Judy has successfully leveraged funding to offer a high-quality program that is affordable and accessible to low-income families.

With 85% subsidized spots, LECP could be a program that simply responds to the challenges of families living in poverty; instead, Judy has built a center in which children flourish.  Charmed by hope and unbridled confidence, the infants and toddlers in the Busy Bees, Slippery Salamanders and Little Sharks classrooms respond marvelously to Judy’s excellent care.

Judy has organized a center that retains highly trained professional teachers that represent diverse cultures, ages, interests and gender so children see the community mirrored back to them by their caregivers.  Judy discovered that she had staff members who was a trained musician, and supported him in starting a music curriculum.  Other teachers have expertise in combating environmental deprivation, and now an entire classroom has been given over to the beauty of the outdoors.  By investing energy in staff, Judy ensures that Lund’s Early Childhood Program provides solid early interventions that help families thrive.  Judy has been approached about the center becoming an early learning site.  Judy mentors interns and UVM work-study students.

She clearly enjoys the young children for whom she tirelessly advocates.  As a Specialized Child Care Provider, Judy strives to match high-quality early childhood practice to the diverse needs of vulnerable children and families.  Many of the infants and toddlers in LECP have experienced trauma, social isolation and neglect. Judy has shaped a center where each child feels the safety that fosters early learning and sets the tone for a lifetime of progress.

We are honored to have Judy at the helm of our Early Childhood Education Program!

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