June 29, 2010

In Search of a Forever Home

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Finding Homes for Children in Foster Care up to 18 Years Old

More than 250 Children Placed in Permanent Homes Since 2000

Jackson, 17
My Favorite Things: I enjoying working outside and volunteering to help people.  I love to drive now! 

My Favorite foods: Subway!  I am not a picky eater and love to try new things.

Favorite TV Shows: I do not really like to watch TV.

Activities I Enjoy: Building out in the yard and working on cars basically doing anything with my hands.  I enjoy my volunteer time and would want to continue this no matter where I go.

What I want In a Family: I want a family who is willing to allow me to be independent but able to recognize I still want someone to take care of me, even if I do not admit it.  I am going to be turning eighteen but still want a family to call my own.  I want a family willing to accept my connection with my family and friends.  I would love to have dad who would be willing to build and spend time with me.

What  Jackson Wants Families to Know about Him: I can be very independent and like to do volunteer work which I am committed to.  I have been through many things and need people who understand the issues I might still be facing. I like to be right most of the time but open to discussions.  I am logical.  I have people who have made a difference in my life and I need to stay connected to those people.  It sometimes takes me awhile to trust people so I need people to be patient with me.

What We Want Families to Know about Him: Jackson is a very active young man and is beginning to wonder what it will be like an adult and very much wants a family of his own.  He is a child who has had a traumatic life and this has affected him in many ways and he is still working on communication skills.

What We Are Seeking In a Family for Jackson: A two parent or single parent family who will work together to parent him and provide him with valuable life skills.  A family willing to transition him into adulthood while still providing him essential parenting.  A family who has experience and training in early trauma history and can implement structure and consistent boundaries while providing him independence he needs.

For further information regarding Jackson or other children please contact Heather A Simmons at Lund Family Center 802-864-7467 or heathers@lundfamilycenter.org.

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