June 29, 2010

Lund Adoption Staff Presents Best Practices Around the Nation

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Adoption staff has been busy this spring presenting at conferences around the country.  

Sarah Rosenthal and Laurie Rapp led two workshops at the Adoption Community of New England (ACONE) Conference in Massachusetts.

Sarah‘s workshop titled “Self Care for Parents of Children with Disrupted Attachments” addressed what brain research has to tell us about the impact of disrupted attachments on caregivers and ways in which parents can recognize their own emotional triggers when parenting challenging children. She also taught practical restorative solutions for parents which result in happier and more harmonious parent-child relationships.

Laurie’s workshop was called “Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control”  was based on the parenting model created by Heather Forbes. Laurie spoke to 35 participants about dealing with a child who is angry, oppositional, lying, stealing, or hoarding, while introducing  a groundbreaking parenting approach that has helped in the most difficult situations.

Christina Shuma, Sarah Rosenthal and Laurie Rapp presented at the Vermont Foster and Adoptive Families Association conference in Burlington.

Christina provided an insightful workshop about the Vermont Adoption Registry, Adoption Law, and Post Adoption Services and how they pertain to records. She completed her presentation with a discussion about Post-Adoption contact with birth family members.

Sarah presented “Claiming and Healing–Adopting the Older Child through Foster Care.”  Her workshop examined the challenges related to moving older children from foster placement into permanent homes. She described tools and strategies that support successful transitions along with ways parents can help newly placed children adjust to their homes and jumpstart the process of becoming a family.

Laurie presented “Beyond Consequences Logic and Control” again to another full classroom.

Heather Simmons travelled to Florida to present at the Daniel Memorial Institute’s Footsteps to the Future Conference.  Her workshop was titled “A Day to a Lifetime” which provided 27 participants information about the rural recruitment grant.  In her workshop, she described how Vermont has been working to recruit more foster and adoptive families for the last five years. Information was also shared about branding a program name, developing a target audience, different recruitment strategies and the materials developed to help recruit families.

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