August 1, 2010

In Search of a Forever Home

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Finding Homes for Children in Foster Care up to 18 Years Old
More than 250 Children Placed in Permanent Homes Since 2000

Leigh, 16 years old


I enjoy animals and appreciate taking care of them.  I love to have and read books of choice!!  I appreciate fancy shoes, headbands, and long beautiful skirts.


When people hurry me and do not give me any notice of agenda.  When someone introduces me to others; I would rather introduce myself.  When people invade my privacy for no reason.

I do not understand sarcasm.


Going to the theater and love to perform in dancing, singing and creating.  I enjoy art and love to do handcrafts.

What Leigh Wants Families to know about me:

I have an intriguing sense of style; I am whimsical. Is strongly aware of what my likes and dislikes are (some might even call me self-absorbed).  Is introverted; can be social at times, but will take time alone, in room, when presented with groups of people.  I have a desire to be close to people who are kind, considerate and gentle. I struggle with being interested in academic work, but love my art classes.  I have a great ability to learn handcrafts quickly; it would be nice if someone in my life could help me foster my natural talent.  Although I often use humor when interacting with people I can get frustrated when I do not understand others’ sense of humor.

When I am not interested in something it can be hard to motivate me; using incentives helps encourage me along.

What Leigh would like in a family:

I would like to have a two parents or single mother home who has some of my same interests.  I would prefer to be the youngest child so I can be the center of attention.  I am okay with older children as long as I can have my own space.  I would like to have pets.

What we want families to know about Leigh:

Leigh is a young adult who has gone through many losses and traumatic events and needs families who understands the needs of child who has had these experiences.  Leigh will continue to need support through team which would include active and knowledgeable parents.

What we want in a family for Leigh:

We need a two parents or single mother home with no younger children.  A family willing to accept all of Leigh’s previous connections and help her reach out to these people.  A family who is willing to be part of team.  A family who can advocate for needs in both home and school and into adulthood.

For further information regarding Leigh or other children please contact Heather A. Simmons at Lund Family Center 802-864-7467 or

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