October 19, 2010

Lund Adoption Director Wanda Audette Celebrates 15 Years of Service

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This month, we are extremely pleased to celebrate Wanda Audette’s 15 years of service as the Director of Adoption at Lund Family Center.  Wanda’s dedication, skill, and compassion have profoundly improved the lives of hundreds of children and families: during her 15 years at Lund, Wanda has finalized the adoptions of nearly 1,500 children.

Anyone who has met Wanda can attest to her overriding devotion to finding permanent, loving homes for all of Vermont’s children.  There is rarely a dry eye in the room when Wanda talks about the children she serves.  She truly lives Lund’s mission, believing that there are no unadoptable children, only unfound homes. 

Wanda is co-director of Project Family, the groundbreaking collaboration between Lund and State of Vermont Department for Children and Families to find homes for older foster children.  Wanda is the recipient of a 2004 Congressional Angel in Adoption Award, and under her direction, Lund’s Adoption department was awarded a 2009 Congressional Adoption Award.

Lund’s Executive Director Barbara Rachelson says “Wanda has had a significant impact on making the world a better place- so many children will have a brighter, happier life thanks to the work that Wanda has done.   Our adoption picnic is always such a visible reminder to me of the work Wanda does.   I love that parents and children are always so excited to go and see Wanda.  She has a way of making sure each child and family feels special.  Wanda has assembled an amazing staff and the work they do under her leadership is making a huge difference to children and families in Vermont.   I consider myself so honored and fortunate to get to work with Wanda.  She is truly an inspiration.”


  1. Sandy Denton said,

    She is a very remarkable lady and I am so honored to call her my daughter . She has been in love with children from a very early age, babysitting at 11 years old and earning enough money to take herself to Florida. She has three wonderful daughters that are a tribute to her passion and a husband that fits the perfect “Dad” mold. I am so very proud of her and all of her accomplishments.

    Sandy Denton

  2. gary said,

    Congratulations on 15 years of wonderful service to families. Will is 10 as of last Sunday, so we’ve been on the receiving end of your services for 2/3’s of your time at Lund. All I can say is that we cannot be more pleased with the wonderful work you do and the joy you have brought into our lives.
    Thanks for all you’ve done for our family and judging by the Lund picnic, the greater work you have done for many families in our community.

    All our love,
    Gary, Deb, William, Kevin and Arena Marie Coryer

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