October 19, 2010

Lund’s Updated Donated Goods Policy

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You may have seen several recent stories in local and national media about the increasing occurrence of bedbugs across the country.  As noted in Seven Days recently, Vermont is not immune to this issue. 

Although bedbugs are not a serious health risk, they are an extreme nuisance, and their extermination is very difficult and costly, particularly in settings involving infants and toddlers.  It costs tens of thousands of dollars to attempt to exterminate bedbugs in a large building, and even at that cost, there are few sure ways to totally eradicate them once an infestation has taken place.

Lund has not been afflicted with bedbugs yet.  But, bedbugs have been sighted in Vermont and Chittenden County.  Lund is working with other organizations in the community while the problem is still somewhat preventable, to help stop the spread of bedbugs.  Although bedbugs are often associated with furniture and clothing, they have recently been found nationwide in items such as electronics, children’s toys and stuffed animals, books and magazines, strollers and cribs, cardboard boxes, and inside hollow doors.  Bedbugs have been found in items at retail stores selling new merchandise, as well as thrift stores and secondhand shops.

In an effort to proactively protect our clients, Lund is instituting new policies and procedures in conjunction with what we are learning from other organizations that have had this problem.

Effective immediately, Lund’s policy regarding donated goods is that we will only accept donated goods that are new items, or gift cards.

Lund did not make this decision lightly, but we are committed to being as proactive as possible to avoid costly interventions and undue stress on the families we serve.

Lund thanks you for your understanding of this issue.  If you have any questions about our new donated goods policy, or any questions about items you wish to donate, please call 802-864-7467 and ask to speak to Monica O’Melia, Development Associate and Volunteer Coordinator.

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