October 19, 2010

Project Family Child Profile

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Lund Family Center’s Project Family partnership with the State of Vermont finds homes for children in foster care up to 18 years old. Please read on for a profile of a child in need of a home.

Michelle, 11

My Favorite Things:

Gymnastics, love to jump on the trampoline because I can front flip and do a one handed cartwheel, I love to do “pearlier beads” and I love my blanket and baby which I need to sleep and feel safe.

Things that I do not like:

Neighbors, who I can not get along with, people who drink a lot and smoke and I do not like a lot of yelling because this makes me very upset.

Activities I Enjoy: 

Michelle enjoys watching TV, soccer, playing outside, swimming and likes to go to school to learn new things.

What I want In a Family: 
Michelle would like a mom and dad and would like to be an only child and having pets would be a bonus.  She would love to live in a neighborhood where she can have friends and ride her bike or scooter.  She would love to have a trampoline.  A family who is happy most of the time and would love a day where they could all spray each other with a hose and everyone laughs.  She wants a more active family.  Also, a family which will help her with her homework.

What Michelle Wants Families to Know about Her:

Michelle wants families to know she is active and will care for them.  Also, if we have problems then we can solve them together.   Families which will let her know the rules before she moves in so she can learn them and practice following them.  Also, when I get upset then sometimes I need to have time by myself.

What We Want Families to Know about Her:

Michelle is a child who has expressed significant trauma in her past and will need to continue to attend therapy and be supported by her family.  She will need time to adjust to being with a family and a family needs to be supportive of this transition.  A family willing to accept Michelle for who she is and have fun learning new ways to help and support her.  She is an active child who likes to be on the go and needs a family who has as much energy or more.

 What We Are Seeking In a Family for Michelle:

A two parent family who will work together to parent her and provide Michelle with consistent structure and reinforcement to learn new techniques.  A family with no younger children but might have older children that could be role models for Michelle.  A family willing to work as a team to meet Michelle’s needs.  A family with or willing to attend training on attachment issues.  A family which is open to having Michelle keeps in contact with important people in her life.

Michelle is currently not legally freed for adoption, so we are only able to consider current licensed or approved families in Vermont.

For further information regarding Michelle or other children please contact Heather A Simmons at Lund Family Center 802-864-7467 or heathers@lundfamilycenter.org.

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