November 16, 2010

Employee of the Year: Deb Mayville

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At Lund’s All-Staff Retreat in October, Office Administrator Deb Mayville was honored as Lund’s Employee of the Year.  Deb has been an integral part of Lund for over 8 years.  Everyone who has had the privilege of working with Deb knows that she lives Lund’s mission every day, and richly deserves this recognition. 

Director of Finance and Operations Bob Robinson made the following remarks in honoring Deb with this award:

“Who does this make you think of?

‘How can I help you?’

‘Can I ask that you do it this way, so it will make it easier for everyone else?’

‘Thank you, I will be sure she gets it.’

‘I can’t reach her now; can I or someone else help you?’

‘Don’t worry about it, we will get it done.’

‘I’ll take care of it.’

Deb is kind, compassionate, respectfully sets boundaries, puts needs of clients and staff in the fore front, and is mission driven.  She is willing to do anything for the sake of taking care of business, while still getting her daily and weekly tasks done. I can always count on her for genuine honest feedback, to help problem-solve a situation and to work towards the greater good.

Our team is successful because of her positive attitude, her commitment to our mission and her professionalism.”

The staff and Board of Lund Family Center congratulate Deb on being named Employee of the Year!


  1. Sandra Denton said,

    WOW, this Denton family sure does turn out wonderful ladies.

    Deb you are and always have been a curagious, caring, loving, honest, trustworthy, beautiful person. You are someone who takes care of others before yourself and never expect recognition. You do it naturally. Congratulations to you Deb for another job well done. We love you!!

    Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bern

  2. Mary Verner said,

    I cant think of anyone more deserving of this honor…..
    I have had the privilage of knowing Deb for the past eight years………every interaction has been pleasant; ending with the successful completion of the task at hand….
    Always a smile and a warm welcome to every guest. Her humor is infectious; always a bright spot in my day………Although we dont interact has often as we have in the past, I am always certain that a visit to Lund or a call will be an opportunity to be greeted by a happy and knowledgable staff perosn………………contrats Deb

    Mary Verner

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