November 16, 2010

“Lowe’s Heroes” Rebuild Lund Early Childhood Program Playground

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In October, more than 15 employees of Lowe’s of South Burlington donated their time and expertise to rebuilding the playground of Lund’s Early Childhood Program.

The Lowe’s volunteers worked on their lunch breaks, weekends and days off to transform the playground.  In addition to the volunteer time, Lowe’s donated all of the supplies and equipment used, including fencing, mulch, paint, a sink, outdoor benches, five sets of storage cubbies, and much more.   Here are just a few of the tasks they undertook:

  • Cleaning up the entire playground of leaves and debris
  • Painting over graffiti on the wall of the childcare
  • Creating an entirely new space for infants and young toddlers to play on a previously unusable section of outdoor space, by clearing brush and trash, pulling roots, leveling the ground and laying bark mulch
  • Laying down bark mulch and rubber mulch around play structures
  • Donating several benches
  • Putting in steps to replace a dirt path
  • Putting new sand in the playground sandboxes
  • Painting the outdoor clubhouse

And the Lowe’s contribution wasn’t limited to the playground.  When touring the inside of the Early Childhood Program, Lowe’s employees noticed a sink at a diaper-changing station that needed to be replaced, so they donated a new sink and installed it, along with a mirror.  Upon seeing how much use the Lund dishwashers get, they donated several cases of dish detergent.  Seeing the need that the childcare had for storage space, they donated five wooden storage cubbies.

Lund’s Childcare Coordinator Judy Harvey says: “Teachers, parents and children were so excited as they watched the changes made by the Lowe’s volunteers take place. It has long been a dream of Lund’s to provide a safer, cleaner and larger place for the children to play and we have struggled to find the time and resources to make it happen. The generosity and spirit of Lowe’s is such a gift for us and has boosted the spirits of us all.”

Lund Family Center is extremely thankful to Lowe’s and the Lowe’s Heroes program for their amazing work on the Early Childhood Program playground and interior space.  Their work will benefit children now and for many years to come.

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  1. Lynn Parrish said,

    Amazing thoughtfulness and generosity; I feel excited just reading about this contribution by Lowes!

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