November 16, 2010

Project Family: Help Vermont’s Waiting Children

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Lund Family Center’s Project Family partnership with the State of Vermont finds homes for children in foster care up to 18 years old. Please read on for a profile of a child in need of a home.

Name:  Marcel

Age: 11

My Favorite Things:

Sports and Rock Climbing!  Being active in my community.

Things that I do not like:

Moving and it is hard meeting new people.

My Favorite foods:

I like most foods and willing to try new things.

Activities I Enjoy: 

I enjoy being outside and staying active.  I like to play board games and beat whoever I am playing. Playing the guitar!  Skateboarding.

What I want In a Family: 

I want a mom and dad who might live on a farm and have animals.  I want a family who will be active that is why a farm would be good.  I will test my new family to make sure I will be there forever.

What Marcel Wants Families to Know about Him:

I am a friendly and caring person.  I live in a residential placement and would love to stay here because I am able to be out in the community and doing fun activities and do not feel I will be able to this in a family.  I will test my new family to make sure I will be there forever.  I have had to change homes before and I do not want to do that anymore.

What We Want Families to Know about Him:

Marcel has had a traumatic life and continues to struggle with many of emotions regarding adults, attachment and trust.  He continues to be actively engaged in therapy.  He is an active child who likes to be part of community events and activities. 

What We Are Seeking In a Family for Marcel:

All two parent families will be considered for Marcel.  Marcel would need to be the only or youngest child in the home.  A family willing to be active members on a supportive team to meet Marcel’s needs both at home, school and in the community.  A family willing to attend weekly therapy with Marcel.  Families who can have Marcel keep a connection with important people in his life. 

For further information regarding Marcel or other children please contact Heather A. Simmons at Lund Family Center 802-864-7467 or

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