November 16, 2010

Shaping the History of Lund for 20 Years

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At Lund’s All-Staff Retreat in October,  Residential Coordinator Sheila Joyal was honored for her 20 years of serving Vermont’s children and families at Lund Family Center.

In the last twenty years, Sheila has shaped the history of Lund in so many ways.

  • She witnessed and worked through an almost complete simultaneous turnover of staff
  • Has worked with at least five executive directors
  • The shift from a group home to a residential treatment facility, including completing redoing our entire documentation system
  • Lead us through the re-location and the construction of our new facility
  • She has seen our census grow from 10 or 12 to 26 and 28.
  • She somehow convinced the entire staff to sing “the Rose” during resident appreciation dinner
  • She has wrapped and distributed more holiday gifts than Santa Claus himself

 And that is just a few…

Perhaps most important are the relationships that have been formed.  Sheila’s ability to connect with every family that walks through our doors in need of help and with every new staff person that joins the agency has made her beloved by everyone who knows her.  Residents from the very beginning of her employment continue to reach out to her….

We all have such tremendous respect and love for Sheila.  Twenty years!  What an accomplishment. 

On behalf of the entire staff Sheila, we hope you celebrate today knowing that we respect you and appreciate you beyond description.  It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of that journey with you.


  1. MARILYN PAGE said,


  2. Phyllis said,


    You have touched everyones life that has come close to you. You are a beautiful woman from the inside out and all around. I know you will thoroughly enjoy your retirement.

    Much Love, Great Health and Happiness.

    Phyllis Kurtzman (phifis12344)

  3. Gabrielle Page said,

    Hi Shiela, Congratulations are in order, 20 yrs. of service & your retirement.

    Congratulations & Best Wishes to your next journey , enjoy retirement, its great to do as you want, when you want.

    Your sister – in- law, Gabrielle

  4. Margaret Gagne Meunier said,

    Congratualtions, Sheila. Keep up the good work! The world is a better place because you’re in it.
    Warmest Regards,
    Margaret Gagne Meunier

  5. Marie A Gagne Raboin said,

    Sheila, Congratulations on a job well done. For 20 years, you have worked in a challenging but rewarding environment bringing you great satisfaction. Now it’s your turn to enjoy life at a slower pace. There is life after retirement! Stay involved!
    Marie A Gagne Raboin

  6. Hi Shelia It is good to read about such good things you have done. Who would of believe you from a small town of Troy, Vt, your parents would be so proud of you. Retirement is great. Alma Gagne Sheltra

  7. Leon (Son # 2) said,

    How could a person have given 20 years of service when she is only 35 years old? (Thats what she’s been telling me for the past however many years) She would have had to start working at what, 15 !?!? Love you mom. Extremely significant accomplishment. More significant when you think about how everyone still feels about you there at Lund. Goodness knows after 25 years in the Military, most people are ready to see me roll out. Very good, come live with me now. Leon

    • ME ME said,

      Hi sis..great job well done…Still don’t know how they put up with elvis, as long as they did..Just picking..have a happy retirement,i know you’ll still be part of girl’s lives. love Helen

  8. gudrun said,

    hi sheila, wow 20 years congratulation, i know retirement is only so you can spend moore time with elvis, but remember i had him first hahaha. its ok you keep on dreaming haha.have fun , love gudrun.

  9. Patty Fry said,

    Hi Sheila,
    Congrats on your great 20 years at Lund. I know I highly enjoyed working with you during my short stay at Lund, along with all the other wonderful staff. It was a great pleasure to know you and work with you during those years. I hope you have many more years there touching more lives as they cross your path. Take care of yourself! My love to all, Patty Fry & family

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