January 27, 2011

Lund Friends Brighten Holidays for 257 People

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Lund Family Center’s Holiday Giving Program is an annual gift drive that pairs donors with individuals and families each winter. A total of 257 Lund clients and individuals in need from communities around the state benefitted from the program.

Lund staff led by Eireann Aspell, Sheila Joyal, Julie Camuso, Kitty Bartlett, Jen Wool, Sarah Hoffert, Desiree Merchant, and Kristi Provost secured gifts and gift cards from donors and distributed goods to families in need of basic necessities. Lund also posted a general wish list on the Agency’s website to request items like toiletries, diapers, cookwear, clothing, books and gift certificates for gas and groceries. Area businesses including Redstone Commercial Real Estate Development, Larkin Hospitality, FAHC and Maple Tree Place as well as partner agency’s including the YMCA made huge contributions in the spirit of holiday generosity. Borders Books & Music donated $1,200 worth of merchandise to the general wish list.

In-kind donations:

    $14,500 Gift Card

    $31,000 Durable Goods

    $45,500 Total96 Families Served

    102 Donors

    26 New Donors

Part of Lund’s goal in 2010 was to secure surplus gift cards for client use throughout 2011 to offset expenses residents and community clients grapple with yearlong and to incentivize residents who achieve milestones in their personal and professional growth like college applications, smoking cessation, and more. This goal was accomplished by raising close to $15,000 in gift cards in 2010, compared to $5,000 in 2009. Every family enrolled in Lund’s Holiday Giving Program was served. Social awareness of the Holiday Giving Program is spreading in Vermont and allows Lund to continue helping children and families thrive.

Giving Spirit Alive and Well in the Heart of Six Year Old Mia Kaczmarek

Mia Kaczmarek, a South Burlington resident, came into Lund Family Center bearing gifts. Mia had just celebrated her sixth birthday with two parties. At each one, she chose to bypass gifts for herself and asked her friends to bring in gifts to help other children in need through Lund Family Center’s holiday giving program. This was her idea. Mia collected more than thirty birthday gifts; her favorite was a Pillow Pet. Lund Family Center has matched more than 100 low-income families with community members who have donated gifts and made the holidays much brighter for Lund children and families. Upon leaving Lund, Mia said to her parents, Tim and Donna and Lund staff, “I can’t wait to do this again next year!”

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