January 27, 2011

Creating Community Connections: Lund’s New Mentor Program By Americorps*VISTA Member

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Lund Family Center is excited to announce the start of a new mentoring program! Many of the young women who live in our residential treatment facility often lack positive social support. When these women complete their treatment and transition into their community, they may not have friends or family that they are able to rely on. The mentoring program will provide positive social support to young women who are having success in their treatment and are preparing to transition into the community in the coming months. Mentoring helps reduce drug abuse, alcohol abuse, improves self confidence, decreases recidivism, and decreases repeat unexpected pregnancies.

Katie Halsey, a Lund Family Center Board Member, has been mentoring a young woman who completed treatment at the residential facility, but needed extra social support during her transition into the community. Through her mentoring experience, Ms. Halsey has learned that “something that may be part of my everyday routine, or even a task that seems simple or mundane, may be a life-changing event to someone else”. By becoming a mentor you will meet a new friend and increase your awareness about the social and economic issues facing our communities.

Interested mentors should be 21 years or older, great listeners, and accepting of different lifestyle choices. If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a young mother, or know someone else you think would be a great mentor, please contact Eireann Aspell at 864-7467 x2018 or eireanna@lundfamilycenter.org.

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