January 27, 2011

Lund in the News

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Remembering a Friend, a Leader and a Visionary

Bob Hoehl, Burlington Free Press 2010 Vermonter of the Year

Robert H. Hoehl (burlingtonfreepress.com)

Bob Hoehl, a selfless, self-made healthcare software entrepreneur, popular Vermont philanthropist, and family man passed away on November 7, 2010.  He was recently recognized by the Burlington Free Press as the 2010 “Vermonter of the Year.”  Bob, his wife Cynthia, and his family have been steady supporters of Lund Family Center for many years.  Bob was a generous, loving family man, and he will be dearly missed by the Chittenden County community.

Lund Family Center was recently featured as the Community Spotlight in November’s issue of Best of Burlington.  The article provides an overview of Lund’s mission and goals, as well as its recent success in adoption and female counseling.  Several case studies highlight the benefits of the structured curriculum at Lund’s residential building and Lund’s success in finding families for foster children through Project Family.  To read more visit www.bestofburlingtonvt.com

The Clothes Exchange: Celebrating Ten Years of Philanthropy

The Clothes Exchange celebrated ten years of fashion and philanthropy Monday, January 10 at Magnolia Bistro in Burlington.  TCE named Spectrum Youth & Family Services their primary beneficiary in 2011, an award Spectrum Executive Director Mark Redmond described as “Like getting your city chosen for the Olympics.”  An additional portion of the proceeds from this year’s Clothes Exchange will be divided among previous TCE beneficiaries including Lund Family Center.  Former beneficiaries of the award include Lund Family Center, King Street Center, and Good News Garage.  Event speakers included Spectrum executive director Mark Redmond, King Street Center Executive Director Vicky Smith, and Citizens Bank Vice President Brigitte Ritchie. 

By the time TCE founder Leslie Halperin took the stage, the bistro was packed with well-dressed guests and enthusiastic supporters from the philanthropic community.  Leslie delivered an inspirational speech about the transformation of TCE from a neighborhood clothes swap with proceeds sent to 9/11 families into one of Chittenden county’s most rapidly growing annual fundraisers.  Redmond and Smith followed with equally enthusiastic speeches.  The combination of a merry crowd and excellent turnout provided confident foreshadowing for the success of this year’s Clothes Exchange.

For more information, or to make a donation visit the Clothes Exchange Website.

Clothing donation requirements: New or gently used boutique clothing or items with history/public interest (e.g. Elvis Costello’s blazer)

Stephanie Rossier of Lincoln; Ben Irish of Burlington; Kris Hoffman of Jericho; and Sarah Hoffert of Colchester are co-workers at Lund Family Center. (burlingtonfreepress.com)

An interview with Kriss Hoffman, Lund Family Center’s Educational Services coordinator, was featured in the Burlington Free Press on Wednesday, January 19, 2011.  Read the full interview here.

The YMCA’s MLK Day Positive Projects

Josie and Nicolas display the blanket they crafted for the Lund Family Center. They, and eight other children, made a total of 5 blankets for Lund. (facebook.com/YMCABurlingtonVT)

To read more visit Burlington YMCA’s facebook page.

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