February 21, 2011

2010-2013 Strategic Plan Update

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Item:  Raising Money/Raising Awareness
Goal:  Establish and implement a comprehensive branding program that clearly identifies, differentiates and reinforces Lund’s organizational identity

Create a universal and unified way to describe what Lund is, the scope and reach of our work around the state and the country, and why it matters (an elevator speech).  That language can be used by all staff, Board of Trustee members, and partners to explain what Lund Family Center (LFC) is in a compelling and concise way.  We need to develop common language about how we describe ourselves to resonate better with internal and external stakeholders.  This will support our efforts to educate, engage and fundraise more effectively.  Deliverables include a redesigned brand with sub brands to illustrate each department’s focus, taglines, and supporting content, as well as the creation of a style guide for use across the agency to support the new branding strategy.

Lisa Pizzagalli, Aimee Marti, Sara Byers, Katie Halsey, Wanda Audette, Sarah Hoffert, Karisa Thompson, and cross functional staff.

A Request for Proposals was issued, three bids were submitted, and two teams presented to the committee.

Design Team:
We are working with Harvey|Severance, who have been engaged with Lund for more than twelve years as volunteers, design donors, contributors and friends.  Their team has provided more than $200,000 in free advertising, design, and public relations support and has created everything from our Capital Campaign documents to support fundraising for residential renovations to the Mother’s Day Bike Ride branding, bus panel ads, and more.  Their work includes Ben & Jerry’s, Samosa Man, Gateway Computers, and Electra Records.

The Plan

Phase I: Discovery
The discovery phase will amass information related to impressions about LFC from internal and external constituents (clients, stakeholders, funders).  That work is unfolding in partnership with the UVM Capstone program and Harvey|Severance in a series of informal focus groups.

Phase II: Timeline
Based on the lessons learned and insight gleaned during the discovery phase overlaid with in-house data and trend line information, we will create a project timeline with markers for deliverables between now and the end of 2011.

Phase III: Implementation
Roll out and implementation.  We will present options for deliverables at various points in this process.  We will seek your input, and while we may not be able to implement every suggestion, wherever we identify recurring themes and trends we will pay very close attention to rolling those lessons learned into the overall output.

Print, electronic (web), and audio components will be delivered at the end of the project.  As an initiative identified in the Strategic Plan, we plan to roll it out to the Board and would love to present the highlights at the autumn staff retreat to engage all staff in the plan.

Wanda Audette, Director of Adoption, has high hopes for Lund’s work with Harvey|Severance.  Wanda feels that the branding meeting with Harvey|Severance last month was incredibly inclusive, allowing each person involved to provide their own expertise and insight.  Wanda believes “Lund’s rebranding effort is a win/win because it will clarify our message and give us a strong, solid name. Lynn and Bill will hear what we have to say and they have done excellent work in the past.  Look at Ben & Jerry’s.  Lund has been around for 120 years- imagine what they can do for us!”  Wanda has been involved in past branding efforts between Lund and Jager DiPaola Kemp (JDK) Design during the development of Project Family.  She has witnessed the positive impact that a strong brand has on message clarification and outreach, and she is excited to see how Harvey|Severance can strengthen Lund’s message in the coming months.

Branding update by Jen Wool, Chief Development Officer

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