February 21, 2011

LECP Recertified as Five Star Program

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:04 pm by Lund

Lund Early Childhood Program (LECP) recently reapplied for five-star certification through Step Ahead Recognition System (STARS), the program of the Vermont Child Development Division that rates the quality of Vermont childcares.  Upon submission of its application, LECP immediately received five star recertification (out of five), prompting Judy Harvey, Childcare Coordinator, to exclaim “This is the fastest turn-around I’ve ever seen!”  LECP has been a five-star facility since the summer of 2010.  In order to maintain a five-star rating, LECP must meet strict staff-student ratios and commit a specific amount of time to document each child’s progress.
Each year, the application process for STARS certification is rigorous and time consuming.  Judy Harvey sent in an application requesting five-star certification on Tuesday, February 15.  On Wednesday, February 16, LECP was surprised to hear that it’s application had already been reviewed, and that the decision was made to re-certify the program with the five stars it requested.  This immediate response highlights the hard work that Judy and the Childcare Team put into this application and the incredible achievements in child care currently taking place at LECP.

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