February 21, 2011

Project Family: Meet Ethan

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Name:  Ethan
Age: 8

My Favorite Things:
I love Star Wars.  I love climbing, jumping, and running.

Things that I do not like:
Tree nuts—because I am allergic.  Writing and reading are also both very hard for me!

My Favorite foods:
Combos and orange juice.

Activities I Enjoy:
I like to play soccer and karate.  I like to play Nintendo DS whenever I can.  I like to color and I am creative.  Being with my family is always a favorite activity of mine.

What We Want Families to Know about Him:
Ethan is a child who experienced enormous trauma in his life until he was five years old.  He then endured multiple changes in caregivers, which has made an impact on his attachment and trust in adults.  Ethan can take things personally, and he may become defensive when trying to help him learn a new task or new coping skills.  Ethan has a difficult time with transition and requires advance notice and count downs before changing locations.

What We Are Seeking In a Family for Ethan:
We seek a two parent home where Ethan will be the youngest child.  Ethan needs a family who can provide him with one-to-one attention and support.  Ethan enjoys having older children in the home, and he would benefit from having a male role model in his life.  Ethan needs a family who has the energy and patience to keep up with his needs and activity level.  Ethan’s family also needs to be willing to attend weekly therapy.  We seek a family with knowledge of parenting strategies associated with early trauma, and one that will help Ethan maintain connections with   siblings, previous kinship family, and professionals.

For further information regarding Ethan or other children please contact Heather A. Simmons at Lund Family Center 802-864-7467 or heathers@lundfamilycenter.org.

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