February 21, 2011

Residential Writing Circle Finds Voice Through Poetry

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Lund’s New Horizons Education Program Coordinator, Kris Hoffman, designed a short-term Writer’s Circle for young women at Lund’s Residential Treatment Program.  The Writer’s Circle functioned as a therapeutic outlet that allowed residents to find their voices through poetry and story-telling.  Kris co-taught the Writer’s Circle with a resident, who helped frame the writing conversation to accurately capture the group’s experience.

The sonnet below was collaboratively written by eight women who collectively responded to an image donated by the Picturing America Project.  The poster featured a piece of clay folk art.  After each writer personally explored the image, the group selected the most compelling messages, images, and themes and captured them by writing a sonnet.

Memory Jar

To let go, I take my last bottle, coat
It with clay and press into it these things:
Coins, gems from necklaces I’ve had, pebbles
Trinkets given to me, lockets, earrings.

Buttons, an old toothbrush, pictures, glitter,
Candy, shoe laces, locks of hair, mirrors,
A piece of each child’s blanket, worn crayons,
Finger prints, pins, baby teeth , war pendants.

My daughter’s hair tie, grass, peace, ticket stubs,
Paper clips, four leaf clover, anger, shells,
Grief, beads from my mother’s old jewelry,
Really short used pencils, loss, food labels.

Feathers, recovery, Ace of Spades, rocks,
Leaves, higher power, can tabs, bottle tops.

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