March 15, 2011

Kris Hoffman Leaves Lund After 11.5 Years of Service

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“Everyone has served as my teacher and I take all of you in my heart.” These were the words of Kris Hoffman in her farewell message. Kris worked as Lund Family Center’s Educational Services Coordinator for 11.5 years, seeing Lund transform frequently as she worked with young women in the New Horizons Education Program and engaged with infants and toddlers in the Lund Early Childhood Program (LECP). Kris was a tireless worker during her time at Lund, and when not tutoring students at New Horizons she could be found nurturing, reading to, singing to, and playing with the children enrolled at LECP. Kris says she calculated that she and her staff have worked with 500-600 families during her service. Every single one of these families was approached with enthusiasm and provided with the educational tools necessary to improve their lives. Kris Hoffman is already dearly missed, and Lund Family Center staff wishes her the best of luck in her future.

Read Kris’ full goodbye letter below:

Comrades—I know that I tend to be verbose, but please bear with me.

I wanted to express my immense satisfaction and exceeding gratitude for all of the gifts that I have received during my work over the past 11.5 years at Lund. Everyone has served as my teacher and I take all of you in my heart.

I calculate that we have worked together with 500-600 families over my service, and we’ve experienced that our program participants arrive bringing us their worst— their despair and humiliations—and we have worked hard to give them our best in return.

Throughout the years I have felt grateful to have experienced ambassadors from those families share how their lives have changed for the better. Some of them we hear from frequently: Chrissy, Kayana, Jasmine, Tonnie; some less frequently: Smitty, Amino, Sabrina, Leahn; some sporadically: Jacko, Alicha, Lynette. Because these ambassadors and others share their current lives with us we know that our best works, and that it is always the right thing to do. I feel honored to have worked with such talented colleagues for so many vulnerable families, and to have worked long enough to see the work continue past what is Usual and Customary.

I’ve seen that sometimes our best works quickly, and other times it takes longer. Working in a SA/MH/Co-Occurring/Integrated treatment program, we have sometimes struggled with setting expectations that are too low for participants who are high, and too high for those who are low. ☺ Working to support families and planning and re-planning has been challenging, but also exhilarating, and teams have shouldered heavy loads in order to help families thrive. It has been great to be a part of this and I admire you all and honor your teachings.

Amazing children have been my teachers, too: Grace, Brock, Savior, Jayshia, Anecia. My heart has been laid wide by both joy and sorrow on behalf of children and their resiliency has never shocked me, but sometimes healed me.

My staff has been outstanding in their patience and acceptance of my chaotic leadership style. Please, please mirror back to them the same understanding in the months that come when the paper clips and rubber bands that I have used to hold everything together start to give way! All hail Steph, Judy, Sarah, Ben and Audrey and their tremendous work the 30 families, 12 students and their babies in the Fayette classrooms, and the hundreds of school children throughout the land who experience Outreach presentations and our amazing panelists! All hail the teachers in our center who conduct the important work of raising families up!

Working in our agency with many departments has been fantastic. Admin, Development, and Adoption have all helped me to adapt my practice and I am thankful for the leadership and creativity among Lund staff that has shepherded me through wild and wacky projects and duties. No one has ever said, “I don’t do that.” Some of the greatest alliances have been brokered over waste water being in places it shouldn’t, and I appreciate the hard work of every staff in supporting our mission. I am happy that I have eaten so well over the years and I will miss that sustenance. I will also miss everyone in the front office and business office, both at Glen and Hallam. I will miss the all-staff retreats and the SP team. I might not miss the waste water, but I will miss those who keep it at bay. I am thankful to the Board for their generous commitment to Lund and their accessibility and oversight.

I have learned much from the Management Team and the Coordinators, and thank them for all of the opportunities presented to me.

Finally, I invoke two teachers who have made a big impact on my thoughts regarding compassion. The Buddah tells us that compassion is not truly developed unless we extend it also to ourselves, and this is a lesson I have learned from Nurse Sharon and Marty. I hail their impact on us even in their absence and recognize their lasting contributions to this world and the next.

All we can ever plan to do is more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Remain mighty.


Kris Hoffman
Educational Services Coordinator
Lund Family Center

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