March 15, 2011

Project Family: Meet Pat

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Name: Pat
Age: 9

My Favorite Things:
I love soccer and learning about Egypt.

Things that I do not like:
I do not like things to be chaotic or loud, and I don’t enjoy not having a family.

Activities I Enjoy:
I enjoy being around animals, I like to laugh, and I want to learn as much as I can. I am a good reader, I enjoy listening to music, and I like to draw.

My Strengths:
I am intelligent, imaginative, and artistic. I am sensitive and resourceful. I want to be a good friend and I can tell adults what I need.

What We Want Families to Know about Him:
Pat is a child who has expressed significant trauma and losses in his life, and he needs a family that is willing to actively participate in therapy with him. Pat is a child who has difficulty with transitions, so he will need an established pattern to bring stability to his life.

What We Are Seeking In a Family for Pat:
We seek a two parent home where Pat will be the youngest child. Pat needs a family who will provide an unconditionally stable and structured living environment where he can learn and develop trust. Pat could benefit from a family that has animals and a good sense of humor. We seek a family willing to help Pat feel safe in his home and community, and a family that is willing to help him with his self esteem and need for belonging. We also seek a family with knowledge of trauma and loss, and the effect of these factors on children.

For further information regarding Pat or other children please contact Heather A. Simmons at Lund Family Center (802) 864-7467 or

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