March 30, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Citizen’s Bank

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Citizens Bank

Good Banking is Good Citizenship and Good Citizenship is Good Business. Citizens Bank doesn’t just speak these words, they live them. Citizens is truly a partner in Lund’s work to strengthen children and families. The Bank offers critical financial support. Staff stays abreast of the issues impacting Lund and the families we serve. They share ideas, time and talent and are enthusiastic ambassadors for Lund. Citizens is there for every need we have including and in the past year has helped with: back to school supplies, holiday gifts for low-income families, An Enchanted Evening at Grosse Pointe registration volunteers, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party decorations, volunteers, prizes, tea sandwiches, Phonathon volunteers, coordinating and securing Bank volunteers for five Rest Stops for the Mother’s Day Ride and our Alternative High School Honoring Ceremony.

Shelburne Branch Manager Linda Barker and her team definitely exemplify Citizens’ credo. Linda is abreast of everything going on at Lund. Her first question to us is “what is the next thing you need?” She listens and then says, “we can help with that.” Not only does Linda volunteer to help but she reaches out to her coworkers and routinely delivers a team of three to ten people to volunteer. Lund has come to count on Shannon Brooks to lead registration at our fundraising events. Recently, we received a call out of the blue to donate filing cabinets. When asked how the donor knew about Lund, he said that Heather Jacob from Citizens made the connection. We are grateful to Citizens Bank and their incredible employees for being such invested community members and for their tireless work to make Vermont a great place for children and families.

Recently, we learned that the Shelburne Branch of Citizens Bank just won the award for being the most profitable Citizens Bank branch in the United States. Congratulations to the Shelburne Branch for this incredible achievement!

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