March 31, 2011

2010 Strategic Plan Update

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Strategic Plan Initiative – Solidifying the Infrastructure

Goal: Provide tools, technology and training that support optimum and efficient program implementation and evaluation, effective communication, administrative functions, fundraising initiatives and donor tracking.

Staff – John Carolin and Bob Robinson

Task: Conduct an organization information technology (IT) assessment:

Status: An internal evaluation was completed on all aspects of our network by staff. Status of work station computers, servers, software, licensure, and internet access was identified. Based on this internal evaluation, a multi-faceted plan which focused on enhancing our network and employee capabilities was established. The plan includes expanded server functions, improved backup process, improved internet performance, enhanced security, upgrades to Citrix and reduction in redundancies. From a workstation aspect, the plan includes purchasing new computers and refurbishing / upgrading existing computers.


  • Established database review group and scheduled review meeting
  • Initial discussion with Program Committee and managers to tie database development to program outcomes strategic initiatives.
  • Met with Residential team to further develop foundation for customized database that can manage clients from intake and referral through individual service delivery.
  • Engaged a database developer to meet with team to map out structure / function and establish a scope of work. Contract has been signed and the first phase of the database has been completed.
  • Assessed offsite users’ needs for internet access and utilization of Citrix for Adoption, New Horizons, Child Care and RPG staff.
  • Workstation and laptop inventory has been revised and updated to reflect current assets and allow assessment thereof.

Next Steps: IT will meet with individual Managers and other key staff to further assess needs of each department with respect to workstation hardware / software, data base development, client file collection and storage and other aspects of IT functioning.

Task: Develop a comprehensive IT Plan that addresses IT needs for updates and purchases of communication tools, hardware and software and staff training:

Status: A plan for addressing hardware / software issues based on the information from the internal assessment was identified. An IT budget of $25,000 was established in the FY11 operating budget. New equipment, software and licenses were obtained.


  • Network Administrator has expanded software / hardware vendor list and eligibility for discounted purchasing.
  • 20 computers where purchased and distributed to staff across departments.
  • Based on needs, engaged Symquest to implement major upgrade to Citrix.
  • Awarded 2 new IBM servers and have 1 currently deployed at Hallam. 2nd server will be used for Glen Road upgrade.
  • Revamped the process for data / mail backup for both Glen Road and Hallam which has resulted in greater reliability, fewer redundancies and significantly reduced backup time.
  • Met with key Adoption staff to identify needs of offsite staff and have provided new equipment with mobile internet access and encrypted hard drives for data protection.
  • Outfitted Development with new iMac and software for website management and social networking.
  • Completed upgrades to MIP accounting software and successfully installed on new Lund Server 3 at Hallam.
  • Engaged phone / ISP providers to provide quotes for enhanced phone / internet services to current locations with the intent of increasing quality and reducing cost.
  • Developed plan with Adoption staff to initiate a pilot project of Electronic Adoption record storage.

Next Steps: Staff will meet with Managers and key staff to further assess hardware, software, data collection and training. Timetable and budget for implementation will be identified and incorporated into operations.

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