March 31, 2011

Lund Embraces VCAS Kids Apart Program

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Lund Family Center (LFC) announces agreement with Vermont Children’s
Aid Society (VCAS) to relocate VCAS’ Kids-A-Part Program to Lund Family Center.

Lund Family Center (LFC) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Vermont Children’s Aid Society (VCAS) to relocate VCAS’ Kids-A-Part Program to Lund Family Center. The agreement became effective April 1, 2011.


About Kids-A-Part

Formed in 2006 by Vermont Children’s Aid Society as an outgrowth of counseling provided to incarcerated mothers in Vermont, the Kids-A-Part (KAP) program seeks to reduce the trauma experienced by a child impacted by parental incarceration. Through both community and prison-based programs, KAP provides family-supportive programming with the focus on breaking the cycle of intergenerational criminal behavior.

This announcement is the next step in an 18-month transition plan for Vermont Children’s Aid Society. Executive Director, Denise Nagelschmidt, says “the two agencies have long been collaborators and have explored the possibility of combining expertise for many years. The economic challenges faced by a small agency continue to grow and the move to Lund Family Center will position the program for success.”

From Lund’s perspective, the addition of Kids-A-Part “makes perfect sense,” says Barbara Rachelson, Executive Director. “Lund Family Center continues to see an increase in the need for services for families impacted by incarceration. In Vermont, upwards of 4,500 children will experience having a parent in prison this year alone. We believe the integration of Kids-A-Part to Lund Family Center will enhance the critical services provided in Vermont.”

With more than 200 years of combined service to Vermont, both Lund Family Center and Vermont Children’s Aid Society have a rich history of supporting and strengthening families in Vermont. LFC Board Chair, Jeff Small, says “I believe that this move of combining the strengths of two venerable institutions on Vermont’s human services landscape will have a positive effect on families not only in Chittenden County, but across the State, mitigating against the negative spillover effects of incarceration for families.” Bill Baker, Vermont Children Aid Society’s Board Chair couldn’t agree more. “From the beginning of our transition more than a year ago, Lund Family Center was at the top of our list to work with to sustain this important program for children and families. The success of this program and our clients was our number one priority. We are confident that the mission of Lund Family Center will increase the positive impact of the Kids-A-Program on children who have a parent involved with the criminal justice system in Vermont.”

About Lund Family Center

Background and Mission: Lund Family Center’s mission is to help children thrive by serving families with children; pregnant or parenting teens and young adults; and adoptive families. Lund focuses on reducing child abuse and neglect, strengthening families, and helping to create new families through adoption. Lund Family Center has evolved to meet the changing needs of society, while remaining true to the mission of helping children and families thrive. In past decade, Lund has grown rapidly to meet increasing needs in Vermont to:

  • Help families break cycles of addiction, poverty and/or abuse;
  • Find adoptive families for older Vermont children in foster care who are freed for adoption;
  • Address substance abuse among pregnant and parenting women, and the increase and negative spillover effects associated with rising numbers of women in corrections being separated from their children.


Residential and Community Treatment:
Lund is a comprehensive, gender-specific, family-centered, strengths based treatment program. The agency is the only treatment center in Vermont which allows mothers to stay with their children while receiving treatment, which leads to improved outcomes for mothers in recovery, as well as improved outcomes for children. Lund is a designated Parent Child Center for families in Chittenden County.


  • Residential treatment and transitional housing for women and their children;
  • Outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment for women and children;
  • Quality, affordable 5-star childcare and early education;
  • Teen pregnancy prevention panels that present to schools and community organizations statewide;
  • High school, G.E.D. education, and college support services to pregnant
    and parenting women, community clients and new Americans;
  • Reach Up case management services;
  • Home based services to at-risk families;
  • Job training programs.


Lund’s Adoption Program is Vermont’s largest and oldest private non-profit adoption agency. Lund has completed more than 9000 adoptions. Personalized services including pre- and post- adoption counseling, home studies, placement, and finalization services. Lund conducts searches and provides life-long support to birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive families based on a sliding-fee scale.

Project Family:

In 2000, Lund and DCF began “Project Family,” to find permanent homes and families for children in state custody between the ages of seven and eighteen.

About Vermont Children’s Aid Society

Formed in 1919 to address the issue of childhood homelessness caused by a combination of the Influenza Epidemic and World War I, Vermont Children’s Aid Society (VCAS) has continually engaged in preventative child welfare work and social service on behalf of Vermont children.

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