May 18, 2011

LFC Staff Retreat April 2011

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Spring 2011 Staff Retreat Highlights

All Staff Retreat April 29, 2011
CLICK HERE for a slideshow of the event!

Lund Family Center staff came together April 29th for their annual spring retreat.  Staff attended a morning workshop titled “The Vibrant Workplace” led by Gordon Peterson of Workplace Solutions, reviewed the results of the 2011 Employee Opinion Survey, and participated in focus groups to further delve into the opportunities for development within the agency.

The Employee Opinion Survey saw an 88% participation rate.  Some highlights from the Employee Opinion Survey included: 98.7% of respondents stated their work was satisfying, interesting and challenging, gives a feeling of personal accomplishment, and being proud to work at Lund; 96% of respondents stated Lund staff actively promote client confidentiality and ethical conduct, ensure client safety, and maintain appropriate relationships with clients; 96% of respondents stated their coworkers are willing to help each other out; and 93% of respondents stated that Lund employees meet standards of excellence in client services.  Other positive areas include: Lund demonstrates a commitment to the development of employees to grow professionally, supervision, and would recommend employment at Lund to their friends.

Focus groups focused on the topics of supervision, communication, morale, pay and benefits, mutual trust and respect, and leadership to identify what is working well, what needs improvement, and learn from staff areas they feel need to be addressed.  Feedback and ideas generated from the focus groups will be reviewed and next steps will be determined.

The retreat ended in a version of the game show 1 vs. 100 where the staff competed against Executive Director Barbara Rachelson about Lund trivia.  Judy Harvey, Childcare Coordinator, was the staff winner!

Thank you to all staff for their participation and to the Retreat Planning Committee for planning the event: Julie Camuso, Kathy Richards, Heather Simmons, Tammy Santamore, Jamie Tourangeau and Toni Yandow.

Special thanks to Sara Byers at Leonardo’s Pizza and the Champlain Valley Exposition for supporting the event.

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