May 18, 2011

Mrs. Lund’s KidsClub- Help Us, Help You, Help Them!

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Following a successful Girl Scout cookie sale a group of kids asked how they could do something similar for Lund Family Center.  When asked what they needed, Second Nora Jacobsen announced, “we need a club or group for Lund!”  And, Lund Kids Club was born.  In March, fifteen boys and girls attended the first meeting of Kids Club at Champlain school with incredible guidance by parents Susanmarie Harrington and Kathleen Schaffner.  The group learned a little more about Lund, decided on a name- Mrs. Lund’s Kids Club, gave input about entertainment and prizes for the Mother’s Day Ride and left with beautifully decorated pledge envelopes to use for Mother’s Day Ride fundraising and many began fundraising right away.  In April, Mrs. Lund’s Kids met and discussed how young people can make their community a better place and they designed great posters to cheer on our Mother’s Day Riders.  Seven Mrs. Lund’s Kids and their parents rode in the Mother’s Day Bike Ride and raised nearly $1,000!  In late May, Mrs. Lund’s Kids will help prepare activities for Lund’s Mad Hatter’s Tea & Bubbly and have some fun in August at a Lake Monster’s Game that benefits Lund. Thank you, Mrs. Lund’s Kids and parents!

Hampton Direct is a quiet yet active and generous force in our community. Hampton Direct owners Steve and Jennifer Heroux lead the charge. They foster and encourage their employees community involvement efforts and give generously of their time and resources.  Hampton Direct first engaged with Lund two winters ago when Hampton employees were interested in sponsoring Lund families in need through holiday gift giving.  They sponsored not one but six families and when they arrived, the Hampton Team apologized for fulfilling each and every wish from the families’ lists. Their boxes were neatly labeled and packaged as if they were ready for shipping.  The relationship with Hampton has only grown.  We are pleased to receive Hampton’s generous event underwriting support for our Mad Hatter’s Tea & Bubbly, enjoy a continued holiday giving partnership and engage their Hampton volunteers on an ongoing basis.  Thank you, Hampton Direct, for making our work possible.

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