June 21, 2011

2010-2013 Strategic Plan Update: Investing in Staff

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Lund Family Center is committed to becoming an Employer of Choice in the human services field.  Lund views the relationship with each employee as fundamental to our ability to successfully achieve our mission.  We will strive to distinguish Lund from other nonprofit employers through a culture of leadership, excellence and shared purpose.  We will invest in our staff through strong supervision; continuous development, review, and improvement of HR practices; as well as strengthening the capability of the overall organization.

Goal: Become an Employer of Choice in the human services field.

Staff and volunteers have been hard at work on Lund’s HR Committee working towards this goal. In the past few years, the committee directed its emphasis on Lund’s total compensation program, working to ensure that it is highly competitive, aligned with Lund business objectives, and effectively communicated to employees.

In line with strategic plan initiatives, the HR Committee conducted a market study to determine competitive pay levels for LFC staff.  As a part of those efforts, Lund’s board has made it a priority to devote resources towards making Lund’s salaries more competitive with other nonprofit agencies in our region.

Other HR initiatives include:

· Bi-annual Employee Satisfaction Survey
Conducted every two years to hear from staff about areas of satisfaction and how we can improve Lund Family Center.  The survey was revised and conducted in April 2011 with 88% employee participation. The top favorable responses include: employees report the work is satisfying, interesting and challenging, and gives a feeling of personal accomplishment.  Results showed employees feel positive about their co-workers, that work is in line with best practice standards, and that Lund demonstrates a commitment to helping employees grow professionally.  The survey provided lots of information and areas for Lund to work on over the next two years as we strive for continuous improvement towards being the best possible workplace.

· Development of Formal Wellness Program with Measurable Outcomes
In 2011, Lund began a formal wellness initiative by creating a Wellness Team and strategies to address areas of concern identified by staff.  A workshop on nutrition was facilitated by Transformation One Wellness Consultant, Morella Devost, and a walking challenge was implemented and led by the wellness committee members.  50% of staff participated in the walking challenge and logged 1487 hours of wellness related activity.  In June 2011, a stress management series is launching to address financial stressors, the link between stress and eating, and emotional well-being.

We are thrilled to be Investing in Our Staff and have lots more actions and plans for the upcoming year!

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