June 21, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: L.J. Nieulant

Posted in Volunteer Spotlight at 6:44 pm by Lund

L.J. Nieulant came to Lund Family Center in 2010. He joined the Mother’s Day Bike Ride Committee and instantly went to work looking for sponsors, riders and donors. For many weeks leading up to the May 8th event, L.J. came into the office and made follow-up, after follow-up phone call to constituents and potential underwriters asking them to help Lund’s great cause of supporting children and families around the state.

“Every time L.J. would come to the office he always had a smile on his face,” Development Coordinator, Alex Brady said. “His positive attitude and hard work ethic was exactly what we needed in order to make this year’s bike ride a success.”

L.J. helped secure significant funds and prizes for the event and played a critical role in Lund raising more than $100,000 in the 2011 Bike Event. The funds are vital to supporting Lund’s mission to help children thrive by serving families with children; pregnant or parenting teens and young adults; and adoptive families. L.J. also connected Lund with several new sponsors who have become friends to Lund even after the event.

L.J. moved from Holland to Vermont several years ago when his wife, Hanneke became the Global Brand Development Director for Ben and Jerry’s. They live in Burlington, VT with their two children and have a third on the way. The family are avid skiers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who have engaged in the community with their sleeves rolled up offering great business advice and hands on support for Lund and other agencies around the county.

Thank you L.J. for everything you have done for Lund!

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