June 21, 2011

9 Things You Would be Surprised to Know About…Post-Adoption Case Management

Posted in Adoption at 6:45 pm by Lund

By Melissa Appleton,
Post-Adoption Case Manager

It can be easy to forget, because you may not have even known, that Lund’s role in the adoption process does not stop with finalizing the adoption. Lund is one of a small number of agencies to provide post-adoption services in the state of Vermont. Here are some interesting facts about the post-adoption process.

  • Any adoptive family in Vermont whose child has active Medicaid has access to post-adoption case management services that address on-going needs associated with the child’s adoption status or early history after the finalization of the adoption.
  • Agencies providing post-adoption services are contracted with the state to provide services to Vermont families. Lund and other post adoption agencies operate under the umbrella of the Vermont Adoption Consortium, which coordinates referrals for post-adoption services, education and trainings on adoption, oversees a lending library with adoption resources, and provides advocacy at the state level for adoptive families.
  • Post adoption services address a spectrum of adoptive family situations; however, a majority of children have histories of early trauma, which impacts their functioning within their adoptive families.
  • Post adoption case management can provide families with case coordination, education, behavioral support, advocacy, and supportive counseling, all of which focus on their child/children’s adoption needs. Lund recognizes each family is unique therefore post adoption services are often different for each family. Post adoption case managers are not therapists and do not provide intensive crisis support.
  • Lund’s post adoption case management is parent-driven, meaning our services are geared toward supporting parents so they may in turn support their children. Case managers work with parents to develop adoption-focused goals with parents for their families.
  • Post adoption services are not time limited like some other community services; however established goals should be achievable and adoption relevant. Some families may access post adoption services for a short time period where other families may require services for longer.   
  • Post adoption case managers have specialized training and expertise in the areas of adoption, child development and identity as well as trauma informed practice.
  • Families are able to access post adoption services for their child/children until their Adoption Assistance Agreement ends (when the child turns 18, the child graduates from high school, or the adoption is disrupted).
  • Depending on a family’s adoption subsidy agreement, Lund may be able to provide respite/social enrichment funding (reimbursement). Families are in charge of recruiting their own respite providers.

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