June 22, 2011

Lund Awarded Two New Grants!

Posted in Grants at 5:05 pm by Lund

Recently, Lund was the recipient of $8,000 worth of grants. These grants will go towards education programs as well as the Project Family Program. 

TD Charitable Foundation awarded $5,000 to Lund’s Education Programs, which include: New Horizons Education Program, Early Childhood Program, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Outreach Program, and Reach Up Program.  These programs support pregnant and parenting women and their children by guiding them to self-sufficiency through job training activities, educational opportunities, self-advocacy and public speaking exercises, and early childhood education.  Each component is designed to fit in the busy lives of young mothers in order to provide widespread support. Lund sends its deepest appreciation to TD Charitable Foundation for their support of our mission to help children and families thrive.

MGN Family Foundation recently awarded $3,000 to the Project Family Program.  Project Family is a collaboration between Lund Family Center and Vermont’s Department of Children and Families which finds loving homes for children whose parents’ parental rights have been terminated.  While DCF determines the ability to parent, Lund determines the best match between child and adoptive family through its detailed interview and research process.  Project Family stands out among other recruitment programs because the structure necessitates full participation and buy-in by the state of Vermont.  Through the support of MGN Family Foundation, Lund’s adoption staff will be even more able to serve these children.

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