June 22, 2011

Students Donate to Lund for Commuinity Service Challenge (Video!)

Posted in Volunteer Spotlight at 4:51 pm by Lund

Essex residents Charlotte Stewart and Ally St. Germain chose to fund raise for Lund Family Center as their community service challenge. Read the rest of the post to see their video!

A few weeks later when Charlotte was selected for the most-improved girls lacrosse player award, her coach, Emily Danis, took the money she would usually spend on triphies and instead made charitable donations to the athlete’s charity of choice. Charlotte again chose Lund. Thank you Charlotte, Ally and Emily for helping children thrive through your thoughtfulness and hard work! Below is the community service video that Charlotte and Ally produced.



  1. Excellent idea! I’m an EJHS – 86′ Alum!

    Thanks girls for supporting the Lund Family Center. Having been adopted from the (then Elizabeth Lund Home) when I was 10 days old, well…the Lund Family Center has a special place in my heart.

  2. lundfamilycentervermont said,

    And we have a place in ours for you, Kim!

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