September 23, 2011

Employees of the Quarter

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Photos by Cat Cutillo/Lund Family Center

John Carolin and Melissa Appleton won “Employee of the Quarter” awards yesterday for their extraordinary work at Lund Family Center.

John Carolin

Melissa Appleton

John Carolin, the Information Technology Coordinator at Lund, has had an enormous impact on the organization since he joined a year ago.

“John is the definition of a team player. He not only solves problems for employees, he also teaches employees so that they can be more self sufficient with technology. John offers his time and knowledge generously with a smile,” read Bob Robinson during the award presentation.

John reacts to receiving 'Employee of the Quarter' award

John’s accomplishments include getting a technology grant, upgrading systems, and implementing a new integrated database within the residential program. He works with employees statewide installing and troubleshooting their technology so that they can effectively communicate and provide high quality service to Lund clients.

“John’s integrity, compassion, and work ethic are unquestionable. Lund employees greatly respect and admire John both as an individual and as a co-worker for his skill, his adaptability, his problem-solving, his humor, his kindness, and his never-faltering smile. We are so thankful to have John on our team,” read Bob Robinson.

“I’m honored. I like to think of it as just me doing my job,” said John after the award presentation.

Melissa Appleton, the Post Adoption Case Manager at Lund Family Center, has had an incredible impact on the post adoption program. Even while earning her Master’s degree, she carried a full caseload and completed an internship in the residential program.

“Melissa will bend over backwards for her clients and co-workers. She is constantly adjusting her schedule to meet her client’s needs even when it means she is working very long days,” read Wanda Audette at the award presentation.

Melissa reacts to receiving 'Employee of the Quarter' award

Melissa continues to educate and support clients despite any challenges. Even with the post adoption program down on staff, Melissa has met the same state and agency requirements and client needs.

“Melissa is regularly working with families in crisis and providing an intense level of support and genuineness, grace, and a calm demeanor. She gives Lund a great name, and I am proud to be a part of the same agency,” read Wanda.

“I’m very excited and feel honored that Lund is appreciating my work. It’s nice to be at an agency where you feel appreciated,” said Melissa after the award presentation.

Congratulations John and Melissa!

See more photos here

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  1. Alex Brady said,

    Congrats to both off you! Job Well Done!

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