October 3, 2011

Jocelyn & Shelly Win Employee of the Quarter

Posted in Employees at 4:50 pm by Lund

Photos by Cat Cutillo/Lund Family Center

Jocelyn Bahr and Shelly McSweeney both won Employee of the Quarter Awards recently for their incredible work at Lund Family Center.

Jocelyn Bahr & Shelly McSweeney win Employee of the Quarter Awards

Jocelyn, a Residential Counselor, is respected for her strong leadership on the residential floor.

“Jocelyn has found her voice and advocates with supervisors and the coordinators team for ways to constantly improve client services. She is positive and creative, and willing to think outside the box for solutions,” read Jamie Tourangeau, Human Resources Manager, at the award presentation Friday.

Jocelyn Bahr reacts to winning Employee of the Quarter

Jocelyn receiving her Employee of the Quarter Award on Friday

Jocelyn continues to look for ways to improve morale with clients and counselors. She remains positive and upbeat during difficult situations with clients.

“Jocelyn is thoughtful and respectful in her communication and the utmost professional even when stressed or in crisis situations,” read Jamie.

Shelly McSweeney reacts to winning Employee of the Quarter Award

Shelly McSweeney, a Family Educator, has had an enormous impact during the past ten years she’s been with Lund Family Center.

“I feel that one of the most amazing things about Shelly is her positivity. She greets everyone with a welcoming smile, whether she is running into Glen Road to check her mail, or stopping by Hallam to pick up school supply bags. She always takes the time to say hello, and her joy in her work is contagious. Shelly is adaptable and flexible, able to adjust as needed. And still remains positive!” read Kim Coe, Director of Residential and Community Treatment, at the award presentation this morning.

Shelly is widely respected for her compassionate, unwavering commitment to the families she works with through the Children’s Treatment Program.

“Her dedication and love for this work shines and she doesn’t get discouraged by challenging situations or difficult times,” read Kim Coe.

“I still don’t think that I deserve it, but I’m thrilled to receive this award.  Its really so great to have my work in the community recognized and valued,” said Shelly after the award presentation.

Congratulations Jocelyn and Shelly!

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