October 17, 2011

Bridging High School, Higher Ed and Employment

Posted in New Horizons Educational Program at 3:39 pm by Lund

Over the past rotation, students at NHEP have explored higher education options in the Chittenden County area during an afternoon class, titled Career and Higher Education Exploration. Students have visited several higher education campuses over the past few weeks to explore their future options.  For many of these students, it has been the first time they have ever been on a college campus, and seeing the opportunities in front of them has opened a door.

Students have visited UVM, St. Michaels College, O’Briens Aveda Institute, and Champlain College.  While at Champlain College, NHEP students had lunch with Champlain College students in the Single Parents Program.  NHEP students learned how Champlain College works with young mothers to help them climb the socioeconomic ladder to a brighter future for their families.

After visiting Champlain College, an NHEP student, Leah Schultz, commented, “I really enjoyed learning more about Champlain College.  They have a great Singe Parents Program for mothers and fathers who are interested in attending Champlain College. Getting involved in the Single Parents Program is a new goal for me.  There are many interesting classes and opportunities I would like to be a part of at Champlain College.”

To culminate this class, NHEP students attended the VT Works for Women “Women Can Do” conference on Oct. 13th at Vermont Technical College in Randolph to experience career options in science, technology, and technical fields.

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