October 17, 2011

Strategic Plan Updates: Branding

Posted in Strategic Plan Update at 3:33 pm by Lund

After several months of interviews with staff and stakeholders and multiple iterations of incredible design work by the team of Harvey|Severance and editorial writer Linda Allen, the branding committee led by Board members Lisa Pizzagalli, Sara Byers, and Aimee Marti and FAHC’s Maurine Gilbert looks forward to unrolling a new agency logo.  The formal rollout will include several projects that are subsets of the initial design work including creation of marketing and communications collateral that is consistent with the new look (for example, an agency overview brochure; an updated, overhauled, more user-friendly website, and basic business materials including letterhead, business cards, banners, advertising templates, bus signage and more.)  The project was launched to assist Lund in efforts to freshen our image, and develop common language that succinctly captures the essence of our statewide business model and services.

Kim Coe, Director of Residential and Community Services at Lund says, “Rebranding provides the staff and families that live and work here with an opportunity to share the unique and special approach that is the answer to why we have been here more than a hundred years.  Rebranding offers us the chance to reach into the hearts of those who haven’t been exposed to our mission to truly show the magic of what happens here when lives are transformed in ways that impact our entire community.  A fresh brand will give Lund recognition in the community to begin the discussions about how we can all come together to continue creating, strengthening and healing families.


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