November 10, 2011

Halloween at Glen Road

Posted in Events, Residential at 8:48 pm by Lund

Story and Photos by Cat Cutillo/Lund Family Center

Lund’s Halloween was an afternoon packed with exploding candy-filled piñatas, toddlers dressed as ladybugs, chickens and poodles, and laughter echoing through the hallways of Glen Road.

“Every costume was my favorite. Seeing each smile and hearing a laugh or a giggle made each client and child’s costume unique in their own way,” said Desiree Merchant, Lund’s Residential and Community Treatment Program Management Assistant, who co-facilitated the Halloween event with Tammy Santamore, Lund’s Transition Services Coordinator.  They also arranged for costume donations.

The event kicked off with clients and their children lined up, ready to take on the candy-filled piñatas with a wooden spoon. Each face lit up as they took a turn wailing on the bag of goodies. Finally, the piñata exploded and the crowd erupted in mass delight.

A child dressed as a pumpkin dove into the piñata filling pile with an enormous smile on his face. A miniature super-hero followed his lead.

Afterwards, kids and parents went trick or treating down the hallways stopping at staff offices for treats.

“The parents were so excited and proud to bring their children around and share this fun time with staff,” says Santamore. “My hope is for them to be able to enjoy building these positive memories, as well as creating an event that everyone in the building had an opportunity to participate in.”

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