November 14, 2011

All-Staff Retreat

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October’s All-Staff Retreat centered on spirit building and recognition. Steve Wark, who works at Vermont Gas, volunteered his time and talent to facilitate the staff retreat. He led group brainstorming exercises that focused on making Lund a more vibrant workplace. Staffers also participated in a wellness presentation by Morella Devost, and joined her in stretching, dancing and relaxation exercises, to maintain both physical and mental health.

Executive Director Barbara Rachelson recognized these employees for their years of service and invited them up to the podium:

Two Years

Hope Love, Residential & Community Treatment Case Manager

Katelyn Rinaldi, Children’s Treatment Services Family Educator

Ulrika Schenker, Independence Place Counselor

Emma Scott, Independence Place Counselor

Jen Wool, Chief Development Officer

Five Years

Melissa Appleton, Post Adoption Case Manager

Michelle Colburn, Post Adoption Case Manager

Lynn Parrish, Children’s Treatment Services Family Educator

Ten Years

Beth Ann Bove, Finance & Operations Food Services Specialist

Graham Kidder, Permanency Planning Counselor

Toni Yandow, Adoption Administrator

Fifteen Years

Jenifer D’Aiello, Residential Coordinator

Independence Place Counselor Sheila Joyal was recognized for an outstanding 21 years of service at Lund.

Kim Coe, Director of Residential and Community Treatment, announced the Employee of the Year was Judy Harvey, Childcare Coordinator. Harvey was cheered up to the podium as both Coe and Rachelson presented her with the award. Read more about it here. (link to award post)

Board Members came by for an incredible lunch from Leonardo’s Pizza and Board President Jeff Small spoke.

Rachelson wrapped up the day recognizing each staff member with an additional ‘Day Off Coupon’ for their hard work and dedication to Lund.

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