January 3, 2012

Eye Candy

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Story and Photos by Cat Cutillo

The ceiling is often the last thing you notice when you walk into a room unless that room happens to be the infant room at Lund’s Early Childhood Program, which has recently added several new mobiles floating with butterflies, paper birds and gems courtesy of Hampton Direct’s Laura Gibson.

Photo by Cat Cutillo

“Some of the babies can’t crawl yet. The only way they can change their environment is by looking around the room.  It’s important for them to have different things to look at instead of just staring at a blank ceiling,” says Donna Walter, Lund’s Early Childhood Program Teacher.

Although a self-proclaimed non-crafter, Laura was the mastermind behind these latest mobile creations. She says seeing the look of sheer pleasure on the children’s faces as she walked in with the mobiles was priceless.

“The smiles on their faces as they were looking at them and trying to grab them–it was wonderful and so heartwarming.  And once we had them up it really brightened up the room,” recalls Laura.

Hampton Direct encourages every employee to give eight hours of time to volunteering, and they strive to get 100% employee participation. Laura credits her company’s philanthropic philosophy as her inspiration.

“It’s so great to work for a company that’s so behind the community,” says Laura who plans to continue volunteering at Lund and recently participated in Lund’s Holiday Giving Program.

Laura says the experience has not only given her a new vantage point for her creative abilities, it’s given her a newfound love for her glue gun.

“I’ve never used a glue gun before and now I love my glue gun. I want to glue everything in sight,” she laughs.

If you would like to be matched with a volunteer opportunity at Lund please contact Alex Brady at 802-861-2585 or alexb@lundfamilycenter.org.

Photo by Cat Cutillo

Hampton Direct's Laura Gibson with Lund's Childcare Coordinator Judy Harvey/ Courtesy Photo

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