March 8, 2012

Lund’s 50 Joy Drive Capital Campaign Groundbreaking

Posted in Events at 7:22 pm by Lund

A big THANK YOU to the more than 100 friends and supporters who joined us this past Monday, March 5th, to kick off our Capital Campaign with Honorary Co-Chairs Governor Howard Dean and Governor James Douglas and Co-Chairs Melinda Moulton and T.J. Donovan.

Thanks to all of you who were also there in spirit. Your friendship and support makes our work possible. 

We’re thrilled to share photos below and Jack Thurston’s coverage of the event for NECN and WPTZ here.

We invite you to learn more about Lund and our 50 Joy Drive Campaign by visiting our new website which we’ve recently launched thanks to Eternity Web, Harvey|Severance and Linda Allen. 

We also invite your engagement in our work and this campaign.

Stay tuned for more photos that will be posted to facebook throughout the week thanks to Photographers Alison Redlich, Julie Richards and Cat Cutillo.

Photo by Alison Redlich

Photo by Alison Redlich

Photo by Cat Cutillo

Photo by Alison Redlich

Photo by Julie Richards

Photo by Cat Cutillo

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