July 10, 2012

Employee of the Quarter: Tammy Santamore

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Photo by Cat Cutillo/Lund

Lund recently honored Tammy Santamore, Learning Together Coordinator, as the Employee of the Quarter for her outstanding work at Lund.

“[Tammy] has seen nominations from across departments for her outstanding work and her commitment to Lund as a whole. Her passion, loyalty and dedication are revered by all of us,” said Residential Director Kimberly Coe at the presentation.

Tammy supervises Independence Place and the Learning Together program. She’s volunteered at several Lund events including representing Lund at the Green Mountain Derby Dames Roller Derby, making calls at the Phonathon and staffing the registration table at the Annual Mother’s Day Bike Ride. She is also a frequent contributor to Lund’s blog, is regularly interviewed about Lund’s services and supervises interns and volunteers.

“Tammy is a resource of knowledge—she knows pretty much everything offered to the population we serve and makes sure those services are offered to staff and tenants alike. Tammy keeps us informed, is attentive to the needs of tenants and staff, is pleasant, and is always on her game,” said one Independence Place staff member.

Tammy’s nominations were far-reaching and she received cross-departmental praise for her dedication.

“Tammy is an incredible team-player, always making others feel comfortable, and she’s a lot of fun to be around. She is one of the most articulate people I’ve ever met and has an enormous strength at seeing how all the pieces of Lund fit together,” said another co-worker. “Lund is lucky to have such a fantastic leader and team-player.”

This is the second time Tammy has received the Employee of the Quarter Award since she began working at Lund in 2003, but that didn’t make this nomination any less meaningful.

“It’s really an honor to be a part of this organization and to be a part of the lives of all of these wonderful women—employees and clients, volunteers and interns,” said Tammy at the presentation. “I am very honored.”

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  1. Corinne said,

    Congrats Tammy! You deserve it!


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