November 13, 2012

Employee of the Year: John Carolin

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Story and photo by Christina Webster/Lund

John Carolin, IT Coordinator, was awarded Employee of the Year at Lund’s All-Staff Retreat last month.

In Bob Robinson’s speech announcing this year’s recipient, he said, “People feel valued, heard and respected when communicating with this year’s winner. The recipient also uses humor in a very positive way and is never dismissive to anyone, regardless of how much he has on his plate.”

John Carolin has been with Lund for two years and is often one of the first people a new staff member will meet when they begin their career at Lund. John has been a tremendous help with getting all of our technology set up at Joy Drive and in making sure everyone is fully operational.

When asked how John feels about being employee of the year, he said, “When I see all of the hard work and dedication that surrounds me at work, I’m truly honored to have even been considered for this award. The work we do for families and children is amazing stuff, and being a small part of that huge effort makes my coming to work feel so worthwhile. Thank you, Lund, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the great work that you do.”

Congratulations, John.

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