December 12, 2012

Looking Back on our Halloween Celebration

Posted in Residential at 6:26 pm by Lund

Story and Photo by Christina Webster/Lund

As Lund prepares for the winter holidays, we look back at our Halloween holiday celebration.

Lund’s Halloween party was another success this year. The event kicked off with a Tips and Treats class, in which residents created trick-or-treating bags and two piñatas – one a sparkly, purple ball and the other, a pumpkin. The children were so anxious to break open their piñatas and go trick-or-treating that they were dressed in their costumes nearly an hour early.

“This year, we decided to get everyone involved and include the entire building, which plays into building a positive, peer culture,” said Tammy Santamore, Learning Together Coordinator at Lund, who co-facilitated the event with Desiree Merchant, Program Management Assistant at Lund. Staff members who wanted to participate in the event were given pumpkins that were colored by residents to hang in their windows, symbolizing the front porch light that’s used to determine which house to stop at on Halloween night.


Kids were dressed up as many different superheroes, as well as a variety of animals.  There was also a flower in attendance. The moms were excited and proud to show off their children and their Halloween costumes, while sharing this time with the staff at Lund. Costumes were donated to Lund throughout the years, mostly from staff members. Clients chose costumes for their children.

After the children sorted out their gifts from the piñatas and showed off their new things, they went to collect candy and snacks from Lund staff members. Some of the residential counselors were dressed up, and the kids were excited to see superheroes handing out treats.

“Our hope for the event was to have the residents and children enjoy building these positive memories, as well as creating an event that everyone in the building had an opportunity to participate in. This was also a great way for staff who don’t provide direct service to clients to interact with the residents and children in a different way,” said Tammy Santamore. “Our favorite moments were seeing how excited and creative everyone was in creating the piñatas and then watching the children dive with excitement for the treats as the piñatas burst open.”

The excitement was over in the blink of an eye. After the children made sure that they stopped at every office, they hurried home to see what they got for goodies.

Thanks to Vermont Safe Kids for donating coloring books, reflectors and materials on how to keep kids safe during Halloween.

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