January 2, 2013

Katelyn Rinaldi Awarded Employee of the Quarter

Posted in Employees tagged , , , , at 5:41 pm by Lund

IMG_1203_blogKatelyn Rinaldi was awarded Lund’s ‘Employee of the Quarter’ for her outstanding work as a Family Educator.

“Katelyn has gone over and above her responsibilities as a family educator to improve the quantity and quality of parent support and education at Lund,” said Kim Coe, Lund’s Director of Residential and Community Treatment Programs.

Some of Rinaldi’s most recent achievements have been improving the dinnertime experience for families, leading the parent attachment and attunement program ‘Mommy & Me’ and working intensely with two families that required advanced support.

“Katelyn is reflective, supportive of her colleagues and has a smile on her face almost every day, even when she’s worked late into the night the day before,” said Coe.

Rinaldi began working for Lund in August of 2009 as a Childcare Teacher before transitioning into a Family Educator, and said she was shocked and honored by the recognition.

“It’s awesome. I just feel really honored. You can’t work here without the support of the other people who are here. It makes the difference. You need that support of your co-workers,” said Rinaldi after receiving the award.

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