March 19, 2013

Kids-A-Part Parenting Program Wins Award

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Crystal Fisher, Jess Kell and Jo Berger of KAP Parenting Program

Crystal Fisher, Jess Kell and Jo Berger of KAP Parenting Program

We are very please to announce that Lund’s Kids-A-Part Parenting Program has been awarded the Greg Packan Outstanding Children’s Advocacy Award by the KidSafe Collaborative.  This award is given on the grounds of  “strong and diligent advocacy on behalf of child victims of abuse and neglect.”  Sally Borden, Executive Director of the KidSafe Collaborative celebrates the KAP Parenting Program’s “creation of an environment that meets concerns but also provides a playful, engaging and safe place for moms and kids to interact – thus creating as much normalcy as possible for kids who are going through a very abnormal situation.  Kids-A-Part makes a tremendous impact.”

Kids-A-Part employees, Jo Berger, Crystal Fisher and Jess Kell, will be honored at an awards ceremony on April 16th in Burlington.   Lund is very proud of these women and their dedication to and hard work for children who suffer due to their mother’s incarceration.  Kids-A-Part has a location inside the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility where mothers and children can interact and spend time together as well as offices at Lund’s Joy Drive location.  The program offers a variety of services, including education and advocacy, as well as direct services, such as parenting education, communication skills, financial assistance, and referrals to other community resources to children and families affected by a parent’s incarceration

Kidsafe Collaborative is an organization that works with various agencies around Vermont to protect children and prevent child abuse.


  1. Sally Borden said,

    We are honored to recognize the outstanding work of the Kids-A-Part program. If you’d like to join us in celebrating these and other honorees at the KidSafe Awards Luncheon, tickets are availlabe at:

    you can also check out our FB page:

  2. Sally Borden said,

    ** available 🙂
    you can also check out our FB page:

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