April 11, 2013

Dr. Molly Rideout Presents Lund at Grand Rounds

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Dr Molly (Courtesy of FAHC)

Dr Molly (Courtesy of FAHC)

Dr. Molly Rideout has been working with Lund since 2004 but, by her own admission, it took the impetus of a recent presentation at the UVM College of Medicine’s pediatric grand rounds for her to really understand the full scope of Lund’s many programs and services.    She runs a Wednesday evening clinic  for pregnant and parenting women and their children at the Glen Road residential treatment facility.  She calculated that she has conducted over 1350 visits at this clinic in her time with Lund.  The most common reasons for visits are upper respiratory infections and advice on weight gain and feeding for newborns.  But Dr Molly’s influence stretches much further than this, she provides a safe space for clients to practice visiting the doctor, is an advocate for Lund in the Fletcher Allen Healthcare community and is a friendly and supportive presence to all the women and children at Lund.

Dr Lewis First of University Pediatrics introduced Dr. Molly at the recent grand rounds presentation and referred to her as “a true champion of children and families” and it quickly became clear that this was a very accurate introduction.  She took real time and care to explain to the audience of medical students and professionals, all the different ways that Lund supports pregnant and parenting young women and their children.

Dr Molly brought a guest with her to the presentation to provide some first-hand experience of Lund.  Dana arrived at Lund while pregnant and stayed for 10 months, until her son was 2 months old.  She spoke eloquently of how Lund had helped her to maintain her sobriety, follow through with requirements from a recent arrest, and have a healthy pregnancy.  Dana was resistant at first to the intervention of the programs at Lund but she was committed to making it through the program so that she would qualify for a housing voucher upon leaving.  Unfortunately when she did leave there were  no housing vouchers available but by that time she had come around to the help and support that she was being given.  “Even though I was angry and unhappy at first, I followed the program and it was there that I fell in love with my child and I become really happy at Lund.”  Dana has now been sober for 18 months, has reconnected with her family and is at school full time with applications in to nursing school.

During the presentation, Dana’s young son can be heard cooing and talking in the back of the auditorium and the audience members often turned to try and catch a glimpse of him.  Dr.  Molly also showed many slides of babies during her presentation.  “Because,” she said lingering on a slide showing a picture of a smiling child, “that’s what it is all about.”

Thank you to Dr. Molly Rideout for all that she does for Lund.

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