May 3, 2013

Kath Laing – Employee of the Quarter

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Kim, Kath and Beth - April 2013.

Kim, Kath and Beth – April 2013.

Kim Coe, Director of Residential and Community Treatment and Beth Knox, Director of Development, were delighted to present the ‘Employee of the Quarter’ Award to Kath Laing, Grants and Contracts Manager this past Tuesday at Lund’s Glen Road residential treatment facility.  Kath was celebrated for her hard work across many different programs at Lund and her unwavering commitment to the mission.  Of the award she says, “I am very happy that my contributions seem to be making a positive impact at Lund.  I am honored to be nominated by both Beth and Kim as I spend much of my time working across departments on initiatives to develop Lund as an organization.”

Kath has had a very busy quarter working on various special projects in addition to researching and writing many grants.  She was instrumental in presenting Lund at the state legislature in Montpelier in March, helping Lund to secure and begin implementation of new software to effectively track programmatic outcomes,  and helping Dr. Molly Rideout with the presentation that she made at Fletcher Allen’s Grand Rounds.  Kath moves at speed in everything she does and her work truly spreads across every aspect of Lund.

Beth says, “Kath listens deeply and is a highly valued team member across departments.  She understands Lund in a comprehensive way that makes her extremely effective in her work.  Kath’s passion for Lund’s mission and Lund’s potential is evident and she strives to learn ways to create sustainable, effective, positive change within Lund.”

Kath spends her time and energy in so many different ways that benefit every client at Lund as well as every staff member yet can also be found covering the front desk and helping to stuff envelopes!  She really is a team player.

Kath has worked at Lund for a little over two years and when not working she enjoys spending time outside with her three children.

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