May 28, 2013

Print donation beautifies Lund building at 50 Joy Drive

Posted in 50 Joy Drive, Adoption, Donor Spotlight at 1:47 pm by Lund

Four prints hanging in the parent child room at 50 Joy Drive

Four prints hanging in the parent child room at 50 Joy Drive

Renowned Vermont print maker, Sabra Field, recently made a generous donation of 11 prints to Lund’s 50 Joy Drive location.  The prints, all of Vermont outdoor scenes at various time of day and year, make bright, colorful additions to the walls of our new building.  Field’s work is simple yet evocative as she presents the fields, mountains and waterways that are so redolent of Vermont.  Her view is of a land where nature and light frame our views whichever way we look.

Sabra Field donated her prints in honor of her family and in honor of Wanda Audette (Lund’s Director of Adoption).

On her website, the artist talks about her first realization, while in an art class at Middlebury College, that great art is composed of what we see but is not a replica of what we see.  There is something in this lesson that can be extended to the life experience of families who use the services and programs operated by Lund  who are of course, comprised of their life experiences but each of whom add up to far more and far different from those experiences alone.

Wanda also sees a connection between Field’s work and Lund, “I believe that Sabra’s work is a diamond in Vermont.  Her prints have great passion and people love them and I believe that Lund is a diamond too when it comes to services for children and families.”

One of the donated prints has special meaning for Wanda and hangs in prominent place in the conference room in the Adoption department at Lund.  This is the room where families might meet their child for the first time or spend time discussing the sensitive and emotive issues that arise during the adoption process.  The print entitled, “Fly Away” shows a group of geese flying together in the evening sky across the lake and mountains.  “This print gives the hope that every child will find a family to fly away home with, just as they deserve.”

The new Lund building at 50 Joy Drive has been made more beautiful by these prints and we are all grateful to Sabra Field for her generosity.

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